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LangMan Professional [LM_PRO]

(69,52€ inkl. MwSt.) 
LangMan Professional

LangMan Professional is an economical component set for developing efficient commercial VCL applications for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows.

It will not take you long to get used to working with the LangMan components, and you will not have to learn anything complex. LangMan have been developed in order to save the maximum time.

In contrast to other localization tools, the LangMan components have the great advantage of making the language editor easily accessible also to the users of your application. Thanks to that even they will be able to participate in the development of new localizations in other world languages which will more easily and quickly open a way for your application to users all over the world.

In purchasing this licence you receive:

  • 9 LangMan components, including source codes for unlimited use.
  • Basic technical support for troubleshooting.
  • Access to all newly issued versions of the LangMan Professional for the minimum period of three years.

You can also see the following video to ascertain yourself about how simple the work with LangMan components is and how fast you can create a multilingual application with them:

License Types:

  • Per-developer - The number of installations is not limited, but need to purchase as many licenses as developers within one business entity will be work with LangMan components.
  • Corporate - The unlimited license for the whole company. Across the company may work with LangMan components unlimited number of developers on any number of installations.

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LangMan component package for a very easy creating of multilingual applications in Delphi. (registration required)

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Tschechische Handbuch für das Paket Langman Komponenten für Delphi.

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Englische Handbuch für das Paket Langman Komponenten für Delphi.

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With LangMan is all so easy! (include source code)

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Quick look at LangMan DEMO.

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To compile you need LangMan Premium or LangMan Ultimate.

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Executable uniGUI server of DEMO application.

Port: 8077

If this server is running on your computer, open the application using the following link: http://localhost:8077

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